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Bridal hairstyle

How to choose yours

Choosing your wedding dress defines your bridal look and everything else should go well with this focal item in this exact order: hairstyle, makeup, accessories and finally the bouquet. If you follow the sequence, your bridal look will come together consistently and beautifully.

One of the main factors to consider when choosing your bridal hairstyle is the neckline of your dress. Here are a few guidelines to match the perfect hairstyle.

High neck

This is quite a versatile neckline that looks gorgeous with almost any kind of hairstyle but it usually looks best with an updo, top knots and other hairstyles that restrict hair from falling to the front, giving the neckline visibility. A sleek high updo looks smart and feminine, a low bun with fresh flowers or pretty accessories looks romantic.

Andrea Sedici


This is probably the most common shape and appears in varying depths and widths on different wedding dress silhouettes, therefore it is best to choose your hairstyle according to the overall dress style, rather than the neckline alone. With a traditional and classic silhouettes and a formal wedding, pair it with neat hairstyles like a clean bun or chignon. Same if the V-neck is deep to make it even more noticeable. Otherwise, the half-down, half-up is a classic combination that makes the look less aggressive and more romantic.


Halter neck

This retro-inspired neckline pairs perfectly with half-up half-down hairstyle. Loose curls and free hair are a very good option but make sure hair stay at the back, rather than fall to the front since this neckline is usually chosen by brides who want to show off their shoulders and toned arms.


Round / Square Neck

Round and square necklines focus the attention on your shoulders, providing a softer look than the halter neck. Simple free-flowing hairstyles or loose hair incorporating braids, clips, or twists work amazingly

Galvan London Bridal

Boat neck

This neckline emphasizes your collar bones and neck region. Ideally you shouldn’t hide it. Keep your hair off with an updo or a softly gathered hairstyle like a soft messy bun or alternatively a ponytail for a more modern look.

Rosa Clarà


This is a classic neckline that you find also on quite modern dresses. It is certainly a flattering neckline but it doesn’t usually command much attention. Here you can choose your hairstyle based on other features of the dress, an updo for formal dresses or short sleeves, loose or half up for long sleeves.

Ricca Sposa


This neckline shows off your figure and draws attention to your bridal jewelry. If this is your intention then pair your dress with an updo for a sexy look – loose buns and chignons work well. If your wedding is formal and you need a more conservative look wear your hair down in a free-flowing hairstyle. You may opt for a sleek ponytail if you wish a younger and informal look. Use bold hair accessories like headbands or hair combs.

Rembo styling


This romantic neckline works well with almost any hairstyle but like all necklines showing off neck and shoulders, it calls for updo styles, better soft than sleek. Add flowers for a very romantic look.

Galia Lahav


Feminine and sexy, this neckline is also très chic! Add a bold and sophisticated statement pairing a high updo or opt for side-swept hair for a milder look.

Oscar De La Renta

One shoulder

The ideal choice would be a low-set bun or ponytail or anything that keeps hair in one place and doesn’t distract from the neckline. Alternatively, a loose style with wavy curls over your free shoulder.

Annagemma Lascari Milano


Sheer layer necklines are amazing dress features that you should showcase. No loose hair allowed here – updo style is a must. Sleek, soft or messy you choose!

Naeem Kahn


Modern designers love creating dramatic back details either an illusion back or a daring low style, that you definitely can’t hide with your hairstyle. A chignon or updo would be perfect but if you prefer your hair down let them fall to the front opting for loose curls, a pony tail or a braid on the side.


Trials with your hair stylist are essential. Remember to bring with you anything you are going to wear: veil, headpiece, headbands, flower crowns!

Better if you go wearing your make up trial to have a better idea of the final result!

Hairstyles my brides have paired with their dresses. From top left, Alex, Eleojo, Gabrielle, Giulia and Casey. Click on the mosaic for more!

Cover photo, Mikaela – dress Galvan London

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