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Which photography style suits your wedding best?

I can see you scrolling your Instagram to review photographers’ accounts trying to choose the one to entrust your dream wedding! You may feel confused or you may go straight to the one you’ve been following for an amazing photo that has captured your attention.
But be aware that whoever you choose should be a true professional that means, regardless of the number of followers, someone who is able to take stunning photos consistently throughout your wedding day. Therefore, do not stop on their Instagram but refer to their websites and review an entire wedding of theirs.

There are two main features that make the difference in classifying photo styles – the way photographers use light and their approach with the couple.

You may choose the right one for your wedding day 1) merely based on what you like or 2) making your choice consistent with the style of your wedding and its location. There are styles that need outdoor settings, others that require indoor light to give the best results and there are styles that need a classic mood rather than a contemporary one for impressive outcomes. Moreover, if you’re planning to submit your wedding to be featured on magazines or online then your choice needs to be specific!


This is me in 1995 in the classic family photo before the ceremony.

Focused on the subject
Photos are usually classic and posed, with a list of must have photos that include family photos, group shots, the first kiss of the couple as husband and wife, the cake cutting and wine toasting etc., those key shots of the day that typically require the photographer to get involved in guiding, directing and posing the wedding party. These kind of photos stand the test of time and will look gorgeous and striking even in 30 years.

Choose this style if your wedding matches the below:
Ceremony: Church/Cathedral
Reception: Indoor
Venue: Historic building or villa, castle
Wedding dress: Ball gown
Dress code: Black tie
Wedding Style: Traditional / Formal


Matteo Lomonte “Being part of the essence of an important day is a necessary condition.”

Focused on the story
Also known as reportage or journalistic, this style is quite popular in wedding photography as opposed to the traditional one. It documents your special day in an unobtrusive fashion, telling the story of your wedding day with an informal approach. Documentary photographers love to define themselves storytellers. They provide stunning shots capturing genuine emotion in the photographer’s artistic vision. However, if you don’t want to feel like something or someone! is missing when you receive your photos, don’t forget to ask for a few formal shots. Your parents will love family photos!

This style matches any kind of wedding.


Ivan L’Astorina “I am determined to prevent time from flowing. It is pure madness.”

Focused on aesthetics
This style involves creative framing, lighting, composition, and post-production techniques. It is very similar to portrait photography and is based on anticipating moments where the photographer can use fine art techniques. It doesn’t require real posing but often photographers slightly change the posture of their subjects and place items like the rings, bouquets, and the outfits to achieve an artistic composition. The result is very dependent on the artistic sensitivity of the photographer.

This style matches any wedding but make sure that there is a second shooter who can capture all the rest happening around you.


Francesco Gravina “I live your memories with you before I preserve them for eternity”

Focused on the subject
Lighting is a key component here. Often defined as “dark and moody”, this style is based on dramatic light sources (back light, front light, side light), metering for highlights. Bright dark and juxtaposition in between are the protagonists. Colors are vivid.

Choose this style if your wedding matches the below:
Ceremony: Church/Cathedral
Reception: Indoor
Venue: Historic building or villa, castle, post industrial building
Wedding dress: Any
Dress code: Black tie, Cocktail
Wedding Style: Traditional / Formal, Contemporary

Light and airy

Kayleigh Pope “I love wedding mornings, when everyone is getting ready and glammed up”

Focused on subjects
It can be considered the “opposite” of the dramatic style. It is based on bright backlit, metering for shadows to let highlights to go super light. This is why generally photos are less colorful and vibrant than other styles: colors are soft, romantic and pastel. Blowing out some areas of the image brighter and lighter is part of this style.

Choose this style if your wedding matches the below:
Ceremony: Outdoor
Reception: Outdoor
Venue: located in the countryside, venues with garden, beach venues
Wedding dress: A-line, sheath, mermaid, trumpet
Dress code: Formal / Cocktail
Style: Boho / Country / Vintage / Beach


Giuliana Covella “Your wedding is as unique as the two of you”

Focused on aesthetics
Editorial photos are posed images like the ones you find on fashion magazines. Despite the fact that most of the couples profess that they do not want posed photos, many photographers have perfected this style in the recent years. This is because of wedding blogs, online magazines, wedding platforms publishing real weddings besides inspiration shoots. If you want your wedding to be featured, then this is the style of photos you need to choose. Your photos will look like a photo shoot with a high-end, luxury feel. Most couples, however, don’t want this particular style to carry throughout every single photo, just a few.

This style matches any kind of wedding .

** Styles are all inter-connected and dependent upon one another **

therefore, the best photographer for your wedding is the one that besides the style that represents him best, is flexible to shoot in at least an other style. All the photographers featured here shoot mainly documentary style but are flexible and familiar with all of them.

If you have no feedback on the one you love, make sure that your contract includes a second shooter in a different style!

Opening photo Julian Kanz “I want you to be proud of your wedding photos when you show them to friends and families and I want your kids and grandkids to smile when they’ll watch them in years.”

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