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Wedding Reception Dresses for Brides


Every bride has been dreaming of her wedding gown for years and on the wedding day wants to wear it as long as possible, not least to capitalize her investment. This is perfectly understandable, nonetheless here are 4 reasons why you should consider a second wedding gown:

  1. surprise your guests (and match the theme if you have a specific one for the party time)
  2. be more comfortable during the party
  3. add some diversity to the photos
  4. preserve your wedding dress

The perfect time when this change should happen depends on the style and timeline of your wedding.

  • Right After the Ceremony and Photos
    • Highly recommended when the wedding is rather formal and the wedding gown is well structured with thicker fabrics
  • Between Cocktail Hour and the Reception
    • This is when you have probably more time to get changed with no rush while guests move from an area to the other and find their seats at table
  • Between Dinner and Dancing
    • Dinner should flow naturally into the party mood, if you disappear now you may spoil the moment
  • Before the Cake Cutting
    • If this happens right after dinner then this is a good moment. While guests are eating their pre-dessert and waiters are preparing the cake you will have enough time to get changed!
    • If you’re cutting the cake later during the party, it will be even easier to leave without being noticed. Your guests will be happily dancing and drinking in the meantime!

The stunning dress on top of this post is not merely a tailor-made dress, it is a couture dress by Annagemma Lascari Milano that I had the pleasure to interview for you!

Q. What are the main reasons why your clients decide to opt for a reception gown?

A. There are different reason why! The main one being that choosing a “reception gown” means that there is something else following the formality of the ceremony. To everyone’s eyes the bride appears more relaxed and ready for a real party. She looks ready to enjoy the party with her family, friends and her husband, of course! The unfailing “WOW” effect, as I call it, is a clear invitation to have fun!

Q. What are the main features a reception gown should have vs a wedding gown in terms of style and fabric?

A. The reception dress should be closer to a party/evening dress. I definitely recommend a fil rouge between the wedding gown and the second dress. But most important, it is crucial that her second dress stands out of all other guests’ outfits and clearly shows who is the bride! A sensual, feminine or evening bride but always The Bride! The fabrics may be different: nothing stiff but soft, fluid, glittered or even embroidered with paillettes or minimal. However, fabrics with a bit of “bling bling” immediately make it feeling the air .. “Let’s Party”!!

Q. When is the best time you would personally suggest to get changed?

A. There are some important moments during which all the guests are waiting for the newlyweds to join and those are the moments when the bride and groom get the attention of all guests: the first best moment is surely the cake cutting, followed by the opening of the party, when the bride can appear in a completely different look and leave all guests speechless, not least her husband!

Q. Can you tell us the concept behind the making of this amazing reception outfit and describe the fabric and decors you chose?

A. The dress was designed for a bride who got married in the morning with a super formal ceremony. It was a religious marriage with Catholic rite in Rome. The groom and all men wore morning coats. I created a formal mikado dress with a tulip shape skirt with a long light train for the bride; details and accessories with a touch of Chantilly lace.

Annagemma Lascari Milano – couture wedding gown for a formal religious ceremony

The reception was in the evening at their villa in front of Fori Imperiali and the theme was the “Great Gatsby”. A Jazz orchestra and a beautiful champagne pyramid set the mood.

Therefore, the second dress was designed in a perfect “Great Gatsby” style – the fabulous 20s. As all know, the 20s style was made of specific elements: geometric lines, strong combinations and contrasts, short skirts and mostly embroidery with rhinestones, pearls and light feathers. Two other details make an authentic 20s style: short hair waves and red lipstick that can not miss to match the reception gown.

Great Gatsby inspired party dress for the bride by Annagemma Lascari Milano and tail coat for the groom

The party dress that I created was characterized by geometric rhombuses hand embroidered by the most important Italian artisan, Pino Grasso; it was rich in Swarovski crystals and light feathers, pink hand dyed one by one in my atelier. It had a V-neck and asymmetric skirt. It’s a perfect Italian haute couture dress!

Of course, that day the Oscar went to…. the bride and groom !!!

Thank you Annagemma for sharing this masterpiece dress with us!

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